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Josi Denise

if you're just fighting against trump, idgaf what you're saying - you're going to lose against trump hands down. th…

3 days ago


@pjwilb @grazia747 Stay inside with the new baby Meghan! Then no one can pick on you. But until you are ready to gi…

1 hour ago

Taynara Conti Stan

@BrownbagBenny Y’all make fatherhood look dope and then there’s a baby mama story right around the corner 😭😭

1 hour ago

Dr. Brandon Perrine

@LewLater It’s too pretty to cover up. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

1 hour ago

Elisa Standridge⏳

@CassandraRules Don’t count on it. The anti-tech taught baby boomer generation is trying to recreate the 50’s w/dir…

1 hour ago

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