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Charlie Daniels

Bernie and Elizabeth convince a lot of young people of the BIG LIE Thinking that by taxing the rich they can have c…

14 hours ago

Indivisible Guide

For the people asking where the big national protests are, make a plan to show up to your senators' district office…

5 hours ago

Joe Warmington

Conrad Black: Ontario families deserve better. Great column. A lot of big words in there too for the teachers

21 hours ago


RT @realDonaldTrump: “Day after day, really good news on the economy. By the way, this didn’t just happen by accident, it’s the result of a…

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RT @liebe_areeca: Even the likes are less than 20k 🙃🙃 Wow a lot of people in this "big" fandom turn their backs and ignore this song I don'…

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