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Alex Milne

I made it to Reston Virginia :) Now after getting some much needed sleep I can grab some food. First place I'm hit…

15 minutes ago


@CruciallJ @mssowhatt 😭😭😭😭the burger was onna counter n i was on a couch boohoo cryin like y’all took my fuccin bur…

15 minutes ago

坂本隆二 『𝚂𝚔𝚞𝚕𝚕』

@WildCard_Thief “Good question, wanna head to Big Bang Burger or something..?” Classy, Ryuji, very classy. Sakamot…

1 hour ago


@SpiciiAstronaut “Okay great.” They stepped up to the counter and Kuro ordered, chicken strips and coke for Keith,…

2 hours ago

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