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(((Eli Green didn’t get rickrolled)))

@joeserrato We decided that burgers were an amazing option. So we pulled up to the counter and ordered. Burgers, fr…

5 minutes ago

Ella Walters

Sometimes I wonder if McDonald employees stand at a distance and throw their burger toppings at the counter and see…

2 hours ago

Marissa Loon🦄✨

RT @RawBeautyKristi: One time I was at a burger place and I wanted some Tarter sauce, but I had to walk up to the counter to ask. I got all…

3 hours ago

Dustin Cass

I finally had an @ImpossibleFoods burger from The Counter. Holy crap. This is what I’ve dreamed of. Vegan, vegetari…

5 hours ago

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Paul Joseph Watson

Google Maps Removed Their Calorie Counter Because Fat People Got Offended -

1 month ago

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan are now, officially, the #1 Ranked Counter Strike team in the World. Via: @HLTVorg! #FaZeUp

1 month ago


Counter strike ke haha

1 month ago


Me acaba de decir el plata de mi clase que malphite le hace counter a fiora mm

1 month ago