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Sco pa tu Mani 🌈

Burger King only hire ppl with learning disabilities I was in there one day and the worker gon hand the mop over th…

47 minutes ago

Welcome the crap to

Please pick up your Le Burger and French Fries and leave the tulip on the counter.

1 hour ago


the next customer who throw change on the counter... im blowing a snot rocket into their burger

2 hours ago

Steve Carlsberg

@strexinsideme Excelleeeeent! *in they go, right to the cafeteria and up to the counter to order a special meal. He…

5 hours ago

My Name is Sha as in Shea Butter. ✨

The cashier scenario was the first time I experienced racism first hand. I was 17 working at Burger King. A man ca…

6 hours ago

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