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以前は長蛇の列だったTHE COUNTER 思いの外空いていた カスタマイズでオーダーしようと思った- けど。。。気持ち的に無理だった QcpYAuJ0BP

3 weeks ago

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“@realDonaldTrump's commitment to renegotiating unfair trade deals & pushing back on bad trade partners with effect…

3 weeks ago

Joy Reid

The clearest win in politics is when your opponent is doing “pivot talking points” and you counter by just answerin…

3 weeks ago

National Geographic

How many times have you yelled "No!" and run over to scoop your cat off the counter? There's a reason your cat does…

3 weeks ago


@susannareid100 Nothing helpful to counter it.

3 weeks ago

Ruth Leahy

RT @craigboz: @1petermartin @smh @theage The "inversion of the onus of proof" (a.k.a. guilty until proven innocent) is becoming all too per…

3 weeks ago