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We See You Losin', With Ya Losin' A$$: Sheepish Donald Trump Has To Eat Crow And "Allows" Joe Biden's Transition In…

4 days ago


RT @DonLew87: 👊🏾Rudy the Racist?👊🏾 - "Election Fraud"? Focus on Philly & Detroit, where black people live - #BLM "wants to come and take yo…

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"White Crow: The House of Crow, Book 1" by John W. Wood #highlyrated #eBook #Amazon #bktwtr

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Mall Walker

There's an absolutely massive crow that just chills on the house across from ours. I've named him Jerry. Soon I wil…

24 minutes ago


Kyle left town for work for a couple days and this man gave me a crow bar for behind my door and out a knife by the…

53 minutes ago

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