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Shaun King

The rush to paint good men and women who speak out on the human rights violations of Israel as anti-Semitic is dist…

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Kim Dotcom

Anyone who despises Wikileaks has not the faintest idea how much good it has done. We know about war crimes, corrup…

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The truth path Discard corruption, loot, thefts etc and promotion of good human qualities like honesty, discipline…

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Mandeep Insan 4

RT @InsanNeeru2: #FollowTruePathSaysStMSG Aban- don corruption, robbery, theft etc. and promote good human qualities like integrity, integrit…

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Danny DeVito

Your shrine honors me. My heart is filled with love and garbage.Tomorrow, as you may know, is my name day. Do somet…

21 hours ago


I’m proud to introduce you to “Dogs,” a six-part series now streaming on @Netflix. Puppare yourselves for all the e…

20 hours ago

Scott Dworkin

Whatever you do don’t retweet this video where Ivanka thanks "the Deputy Crown Prince for his vision, his hard work…

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Debbie De Louise

RT @TarianGreen1: 'Wixley is good at showing us disturbed and fantastical characters. The particularly loathsome Bishop Francis, his brutal…

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Camden Kurtz

RT @OHSAASports: Ice Hockey's season officially starts today! Good luck to all #OHSAA players and teams 🏒

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