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wily old buzzard

@D_K_Wayne @joolsd @ChuckieKautsky They brought back a load of stuff Moore did in his Green Lantern Corps shorts ab…

2 hours ago

Blue Lantern

This suit is definitely in my top Green Lantern costumes for Kyle but I really wish his costume from Hal Jordan and…

6 hours ago

The Majin Joebuu

It’s December and there is still Halloween candy in the house. Take that willpower! Who’s ready for the Green Lantern Corps now?

7 hours ago

Laira Omoto

@KyleRay92732361 "I have no objection, but one thing you must understand is that while we are a Corps, united in pu…

8 hours ago

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Death Hunter

RT @soloman_bt: Green lantern corps vs zods family a thread

1 month ago


@tetuwan3 アランスコットみたいですよ

1 month ago

Matthew Alexanian

RT @crisanimekirito: Robert Kazinsky muestra abiertamente su interés para interpretar a Guy Gardner en 'Green Lantern Corps' de #HBOMax: "…

1 month ago


00:01 green lantern corps on hbo max

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