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"Sometimes it is helpful to see what is working in another family’s homeschool, and I hope this look into our inter…

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"I had one vision, and it included all of us still sitting around doing as much together as possible because it was…

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Dear Homeschool Parent: You Need a Hobby!

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@GovMurphy thank you for having pretty lenient homeschooling laws in NJ.

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Donald J. Trump

“No corroborating evidence to back reports.” Department of Defense. Do people still not understand that this is all…

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Seth Abramson

BREAKING (WASHINGTON POST): A new Trump COVID-19 scandal has broken. Just before the Tulsa event, Trump staffers st…

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Diamond and Silk®

Why would Black People say the Republican party is racist when the Republican party was started by Black People?

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farmcore ad

RT @kamthecreator: So you’re telling us #vanessaguillen body was found IN WET CONCRETE and the suspect shot himself? And now her friend wh…

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rosie⁷ misses joon

RT @hobitheism: 10 years not a single artist that was not from big 3 didnt win a daesang and all of a sudden they started boycoting award s…

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