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Julia Galef

TIL there is a restaurant in Beijing called the "Lancet," named after the scientific journal, and they determine th…

1 day ago

Jon Tennant

"I’ve realised that if I want my research to be widely read by my Latin American colleagues and have a true impact,…

1 week ago

Alan Travis

Migrants NO or LITTLE IMPACT on overall employment or unemployment outcomes of the UK-born workforce and are NOT a…

1 week ago

David S Gardner

RT @ajai_dandekar: I am in Beijing, where there is a restaurant called "Lancet," named after the journal, that gives you a discount off you…

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IOGT International

RT @maikduennbier: Thanks @ncdalliance @katiedain1 for the opportunity to speak about Alcohol as major #NCDs risk factor at the NCD Allianc…

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Cute Emergency

Atlas loves Disney movies very much.

1 week ago

Kyle Griffin

Arkansas removed 4,353 people from its Medicaid rolls at the beginning of September for failing to meet new work re…

1 week ago

Bryan Behar

For anyone who still thinks John Kelly is a moderating influence, I just got to the part of the Bob Woodward book w…

1 week ago

Tessa Wooldridge

A week of race-based controversy, a train trip, a book. One thing led to another when I took @slamup's The Hate Rac…

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