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Super Hexagon Bot

Super Hexagonの作者が作った「VVVVVV」というゲーム。- iPhone、Android、Steamでプレイ可能 h- ttps:// https:- //

3 weeks ago

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David Hogg

The NRA literally drives conspiracies about school shootings to fear monger gun owners to buy more guns. I don’t…

3 weeks ago

Drew Atchison

RT @BuyMySportsCard: 2017 Panini Limited Patrick Mahomes RPA 3 color Patch Auto /75 RC Rookie #136: $650.00 End Date: Thursday Mar-28-2019…

3 weeks ago


RT @EXOVotingSquad: [Soompi] 1 am KST (9 hrs. left) Not every fan can buy a lot of albums, or streaming pass. BUT voting on Soompi is some…

3 weeks ago