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Underlying theme in all failed relationships is selfishness

2 hours ago

Emily Humphrey

@ThumblySqueezed @davidbix I mean, he was planning a murder-suicide at Wrestlemania. Thankfully he is in a better m…

12 hours ago

watch me do what I want | Jaemin who?

Dreamer: This intro is too fun. They did a good job with some of the follow ups in the track list (How this was rig…

18 hours ago

Bald Bearded Bastard

Yo! Tommy Dreamer 2021 new theme confirmed #TommyDreamer #DarkSideOfTheRing! https://-

18 hours ago


RT @JonComms: Can we spread a rumour that Virtual Boy is coming to Nintendo Switch Online alongside a new Red theme

18 hours ago

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