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The Missing Link

Here at The Missing Link, we’re ready for our next challenge, and are expanding overseas for the first time! Can yo…

3 minutes ago

KuqiCouture Esq. 🎩

@SpookByYourDoor @TheMissingLink_ @Teammnm1 @tariqnasheed @2churchy And from black "soldiers"? You disparaged Obam…

1 hour ago

The Spook

@KuqiCouture @TheMissingLink_ @Teammnm1 @tariqnasheed @2churchy Mixed race people are seen as black in the eyes of white race soldiers.

2 hours ago

KuqiCouture Esq. 🎩

@SpookByYourDoor @TheMissingLink_ @Teammnm1 @tariqnasheed @2churchy "Easy" You have difficulty finding your own ide…

9 hours ago

The Spook

@KuqiCouture @TheMissingLink_ @Teammnm1 @tariqnasheed @2churchy Too easy. Have a nice day.

23 hours ago

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