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प्रशान्त पटेल उमराव

So finally Account of Ali Sohrab is suspended. This is emergency, they can't even abuse Hindu gods now!

1 month ago

Ramesh Solanki

Dear @jack get a grip your @TwitterIndia suspends RW accounts for fun Today they suspended @Being_Vinita account f…

1 month ago

Priti Gandhi

Why is @TajinderBagga's account suspended??! #BringBackBagga

1 month ago


【ムーミン】 知ってるかい、 スナフキンがいっちまったんだ★ ほかのひとは起こしたくないって、 ぼくにさよならをいったもの★!!!

1 month ago

Rock & Tattoo Lady

RT @MoishesMom: @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack What on earth did @Avedebz Porcsha n co Collectibulldogs do to get their account suspended?…

1 month ago