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Goddess Rei 👄🌏

@NatEdgecomb Its like people look at her aesthetic and stop there, missing that extra second of looking for the bra…

1 minute ago

Kristien Rei Mendoza

Like I get it I do but at the same time why even acknowledge that part of the brain.

13 hours ago

Leela Sinha

My brain: wtf, what happened to being immobilised and shaking all day? Me: not today. Notes : Rei-calm-audio is from the Strong 4/7

23 hours ago

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Donald J. Trump

While the Do Nothing Democrats FAIL the American People, and continue the Impeachment Scam, my Administration will…

1 month ago

Brother Nature

Real friends gonna tell you what you gotta hear not what you want to hear

1 month ago

Susan Hennessey

In 1978, Speier was shot five times as a congressional staffer trying to save people from the cult at Jonestown. Sh…

1 month ago

Praveenn Rastogi #भारतवंशी

RT @krishnasdwar: What comes to us in the present is our destiny.What we do with what we get is our effort. Therefore,Success& Failure are…

1 month ago