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BBC Reality Check

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) – which reports to the government – has highlighted the genera…

3 weeks ago

Stefan Simanowitz

Dear @theresecoffey The 16k missing tests weren’t lost by Public Health England The “glitch” was with…

3 weeks ago

Stephanie deGiorgio

@Dr2NisreenAlwan I am in no way pretending to have all the answers. Of course I don't. But when we are seeing dai…

3 weeks ago

Ananda Sage

RT @zuri_too: This eagle looks like he just found out he’s the symbol of the United States LMAO

3 weeks ago


My house is in need of a really good sage ! I usually do it every 1st of the month but didn’t for October soooooo t…

3 weeks ago

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