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New blog: The Science of Forgetting | How to Beat Summer Brain Drain (especially in Maths) from @ClareSealy…

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when yo teacher pass out the test and it's nun like the study guide

7 hours ago

Debbie Reese

@booktoss @GATarbox @JennyKayDupuis I should have noted when I started this thread, that the teacher's guide for RO…

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Jenny Kay Dupuis

Note: @debreese - the teacher's guide is still available via

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elijah daniel

im cancelling all my plans for the night to watch jake paul's live subscriber count drop

1 month ago

John Cardillo

Don't know why the left & NeoCons are celebrating Bannon's departure. Now he can go after them with unlimited resources and no oversight.

1 month ago

Soledad O'Brien

"I learned the lesson that great men cultivate love, and that only little men cherish a spirit of hatred." --Booker T. Washington

1 month ago


RT @blingspice: 69. a helpful vocabulary lesson

1 month ago

Sadie Cassella

RT @ImTessaBrooks: Dont be afraid to get back up again, to try again, to love again, to live again and dream again. Don't let a hard lesson…

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