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#We here create a function for the welfare of the baby in the womb And we sing holy songs for the baby to hear on…

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Emma Rose

If someone could let my womb know, we'll be having a cesarean and we don't need to practice contractions with brax…

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Low Inflammation, High Fat Living

"In ancient times, cesarean section could not be performed without killing the mother and was only used as a last r…

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Jazuli Ismail 🇱🇰

RT @Welikumbura: Director of the Kurunegala hospital held a press conference and request if there any women have a issue after the Cesarea…

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RT @NuwanTweets: @Welikumbura I think each and every women who faced Cesarean surgery must check even though their is an issue or not. Gvt/…

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🍖肉祭2019が始まりました!🍖 食べ応えのある肉料理が登場👏 肉祭を記念して🎊 総勢50名様に500円分のお食事券が抽選で当たる! ■応募方法 ①@gusto_official をフォロー ②この投稿を5/26 14:59…

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栄養満点!バランスごはんが新登場🍴✨ さっぱり&しっかりごはんで早めの夏バテ防止✋ 発売を記念して総勢50名様に500円分のお食事券が抽選で当たる! ■応募方法 ①@jona_official_ をフォロー ②この投稿を5/2…

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RT @imzahidhussain: Now Geo News is on the same page #StateAttackedPTM

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RT @gusto_official: 🍖肉祭2019が始まりました!🍖 食べ応えのある肉料理が登場👏 肉祭を記念して🎊 総勢50名様に500円分のお食事券が抽選で当たる! ■応募方法 ①@gusto_official をフォロー ②この投稿を5/27 11:59までにR…

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