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Ramon Payne

#GrandCanyon #Egyptians #nationalmonuments #thingsyouneverknew #theirismoretonationalmonumen- ts

1 month ago

Latest tweets that mention “Things You Never Knew Existed : Gag gifts, novelties and toys : Welcome!”

Brit Hume

The President has now made an offer that includes some things Democrats have wanted in exchange for funding a wall…

1 month ago

Adam Schiff

The more we learn about the Trump administration’s family separation policy, the worse it gets. They knew what they…

1 month ago

Ari Fleischer

The BuzzFeed debacle reminds me: Neither CNN nor CBS ever explained how “multiple sources” could read the wrong dat…

1 month ago

Munchkin Swims

RT @LULHOLLYY: all i ask is 3 things: don’t lie to me, don’t waste my time, and don’t have me looking stupid

4 weeks ago

Ellen* - Author. Angel Juice

I’m so relieved & angry. There are things I think ‘I can’t do that, my background is too complex’. Politics is one…

4 weeks ago