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The Calm Storm

Lagos will teach you lots of things you never knew were real🥲 Omoooo! My eyes don see things tire

9 minutes ago

Paul ex OZ 2298 over Big Pond 48º 27'N/123º19'W

@Claudia_Zappia Wow. Never knew . Must confess only passed by Botany Bay when driving down the Princess Hwy and or…

19 minutes ago

𝒚 𝒔 𝒔 𝒔 𝒂 🌱

If you didn't know what it was, you could have told me that you still don't know what it was and I could have asked…

20 minutes ago

Fajar Nurhidayat

I don't usually share personal things and feelings. If I share them with you, it's because I trust you and because…

29 minutes ago

Shiny Nose

RT @SimSim_SalaBim: Sas and Prosales does really show you things you never knew you needed 😩

46 minutes ago

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