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.@bentaub91 reports on a team of deep-sea explorers as they set one of the last meaningful records on earth: a jour…

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Magnum Photos

Paolo Pellegrin went on assignment for The @NewYorker to document the Five Deeps Expedition, which travelled to the…

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India Knight

This story is absolutely extraordinary. Read the first three pars and see. It's very very long and completely fasci…

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Kenneth Blanford

RT @ExplorersClub: Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea

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ajha christine

RT @Oceanwire: Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea

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Gavin Newsom

It’s a 3 day weekend. It’s nice outside. That doesn’t mean #COVID19 has gone away. Wash your hands. Stay 6 feet…

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She in racial chat rooms showing feet!!!

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Aviation Minister can't make proper rules for flights Railway Minister can't arrange trains for migrants Finance…

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RT @TheRightMelissa: @realDonaldTrump 0.025% of the American people died so you are supposed to crawl into hole & never live your again acc…

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RT @SputnikInt: French aviation safety authority sends team to probe Pakistani plane crash @BEA_Aero

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