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The New York Times

“Is this some sort of joke?” a former Danish prime minister asked. It was not. President Trump canceled his meeting…

12 hours ago

Annika H Rothstein

This is Maria Rashidi, a woman who fled Iran 20 years ago and who sat outside the Swedish government building today…

1 day ago

JoAnn Durham

RT @Richardkimble45: @tnacgal @DeplorableNew @TotaLuv2Tweet @Twitter Ms Moreno let me repeat it, only certain countries the same as the one…

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David Polk

Trump, Greenland, Denmark. Is This Real Life?

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Ryan Fournier

The guy who shot six cops today North Philadelphia has multiple prior felonies. He wasn’t allowed to own a firearm…

6 days ago

Tom Fitton

Both @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib also support and raise funds for CAIR, which is a front for the Hamas terror group.

6 days ago


Shantae 5 is now Shantae and the Seven Sirens! Featuring a new tropical setting, new allies, new dances, new Fusion…

1 week ago


F「うぉぉぉぉお!きたこれ!お前ら自動的にその穴の中に入っちゃったでしょ!?」 【日刊Minecraft】

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