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🌳ietro Speroni di Fenizio, Ph.D (English account)

We always thought that #bitcoin inability to scale as a good medium of exchange was a bug. Or at best neutral. Mayb…

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Charles 'Boyo Greed is the invisible hand guiding all economic systems, everyone wants more.

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@NormOrnstein @jbouie So underneath thismatter of law and the sovereignty of the nation— underneath it all is some…

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@ZEE_MTL @GeorgeTara4 Anyone who believes in this message has little brains or doesnot know theTurks.Thecontent of…

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Bólú 🤓⚕️🙏🏽✈️ 🍲

@JustinBalogun Communism - government owns most of the factors of production and decides the allocation of resource…

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Tori Bedford

if Jeff Bezos gave each of his 876,000 employees a $105,000 bonus, he'd be left with as much money as he had at the…

4 weeks ago

Charlie Kirk

Anyone who votes for Joe Biden after this Bobulinski interview on Tucker is willingly voting to support a man who s…

3 weeks ago

James Woods

#BLM has raised over one billion dollars in the seven years since it was created. Where is that money? #JoeBiden

3 weeks ago


@ElParece That’s why the drug war willl never end. The hands of evil shake hands for peace. When in there head they…

3 weeks ago