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Chad Felix Greene

This has since been replaced by the progressive Left, banning 'dangerous books', demanding 'hateful' speech be cens…

22 hours ago

Jesse Singal

Maaaaaaan I don't agree with everything Luckianoff and Haidt say about this stuff but they are DEAD ON about catast…

1 day ago

JJ. Omojuwa

On the day you decide to shine like Liverpool did in Portugal yesterday, the Man City and Tottenhams of this world…

10 hours ago


@novemberdad ...girl are you happy in this modern world? or do you need more?

7 minutes ago

Aavinash Chaliha

@pashyaka Actually this is expected from gawar bhakts who are unacquainted with modern world. They live in their ow…

13 minutes ago

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