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@CrazyHunter27 @C4Cypher @MatthewBouman1 @smiteymightey @RainbowSquidInk @OG_MaraJade Its almost as if.. nobody rea…

6 hours ago


@MoonFall24 I thought s3 was doing good?? Either way IG is one of the best studios, just look at Haikyuu and most o…

1 day ago


@JRocIsMajor_ I sure hope that some day J Roc studios will entertain the thought of my works because I know that co…

6 days ago


@JayTechTV The best part is a lot of people thought the Xbox sold 29 million consoles. It doesn't even matter. Look…

6 days ago


@leviosalfc When I heard of Christopher Tolkien’s passing, I immediately remembered how he was against selling the…

1 week ago

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