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I love Tim Ferris.. he is so interesting.. I am battling getting 4-Hour Chef... looks really awesome... http://t.co/Uwawh5i9


9 years ago

Noah Sidman-Gale

@MonthlyExp Hey great meeting you at the Tim Ferris event and very cool blog


9 years ago

Erik Sacré

Very interesting interview of Pivotal Lab's Rob Mee by Tim '4 hour work-week' Ferris: http://t.co/VDixnBeB


9 years ago

Eric O'Connor

@sageweddingpros you're so right! Tim Ferris calls it solo-tasking. It works wonders for productivity. http://t.co/imuZiith


9 years ago

Rachel Simeone

@writesierradawn That is what Tim Ferris does. It depends if the book is fiction or not and what % of the book you share on the blog.


9 years ago


@adamu7777 check out his podcast with Tim Ferris, they talk about tanks towards the end. http://t.co/7Z8Cdyrs


9 years ago

Andres Molina

Tim Ferris: How to Become a Great (Food) Writer: The Big Secret http://t.co/yDXl3ANU


9 years ago

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