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Emidio Croci

How to Create a Time Machine Backup to a Network Drive in Lion http://t.co/dGCnNAPs


7 years ago

Edward Jensen

Hint of the Day: #TimeMachine over SMB/CIFS - easier than you might think! http://t.co/cB7MpFNv


7 years ago

Rob Griggs-Taylor 

@jonbradbury updated to 10.8 last night. Now can’t see my network drive on finder or time machine. Any ideas? Works fine on other pcs.


7 years ago

Avihu Turzion

Well, turns out using Time Machine on a network location is extremely simple if that network drive is connected to a Mac server. Cool.


7 years ago

Kelly Guimont

Rephrase: I want to use a NETWORK drive and Time Machine on Mountain Lion. If it's not a Time Capsule is this even possible?


7 years ago

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