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Charlie Kirk

White Privilege is a racist lie. Every American is capable of making their own choices. This country allows you t…

6 hours ago

Fraser Nelson

"The BBC is not merely reporting recent events, it is taking sides. Or, more precisely, it is failing to realise th…

20 hours ago

Mike Graham 🍾

It’s really not his heritage or history to rewrite. What an absolute and utter disgrace. #DefundTheBBC

1 day ago

Martyn Jupp

RT @premnsikka: Multinationals shift $1.3tn into tax havens every year. Don't be conned by neoliberals saying that ordinary people need to…

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Bernie Sanders

If we can bail out large corporations, we can ensure that everyone in this country can support themselves and affor…

1 month ago


If Democrat ideas are so great, why do they need to commit voter fraud to win?

1 month ago


What the heck, @jack. Why is it half the time I go to like or rt a tweet it says it's deleted. But it isn't. Is thi…

1 month ago