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Favorite thing to eat for breakfast — toast and scrambled egg

3 hours ago

Sofia Jönsson

@dizzyizzy42 I’m sure it will find a home in someone else’s tummy, you can have egg and tomato with toast like me 😍

5 hours ago

Major’s Dad

@thedrunkpenguin @Wendys In the last week, @EOCpizza put onions on my pizza instead of mushrooms, @BurgerKing didn’…

9 hours ago

Madrina 🐼 Pandizzle

Awe my boyfriend is so sweet he made me breakfast in bed today. Egg white scramble with mushrooms and toast

11 hours ago

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Shane Dawson

Nobody should have to email anybody to get a refund. Please do that legwork yourselves & refund every single person…

4 hours ago

Scott Dworkin

Watch Rep. Ted Lieu play audio of refugee children crying for their parents on the House floor. Then Rep. Karen Han…

1 day ago

Jack Posobiec🇺🇸

I’m not endorsing this, but people are now making dinner reservations at Red Hen and not showing up as a form of no…

8 hours ago

moomin girl

RT @annikajuliae: how are hs students supposed to get 8hrs of sleep when they have to wake up at 5am, attend a 7.30 class that ends at 4.30…

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ʍαմɾεεη ❄️❄️❄️🌊2018

RT @krassenstein: According to @KamalaHarris detainees in these internment camps at being paid $1 a day to work at the facility. If they n…

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