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@nyhfb do you provide any shopping bags or must i bring my own? do you provide toiletries i.e. shampoo, soap, co…

6 hours ago

z girl 🛌😴🍁🛋🖤☕️

RT @ArialMesserli: My parents made me use dawn dish soap like tooth paste, I literally had to scrub my mouth clean

7 hours ago

Bin Weevils Without Context

@GHOST_AND_PALS I would buy tooth-shaped soap... ~Mod Tailmate/TotallyNotTailmate

10 hours ago

t a i r a y

my mom literally put soap on my tooth brush and made me brush my teeth cause I said stupid 😂

14 hours ago

Smedley Butler

I’m proud of my one good tooth. By the way, can any of you hillbillies lend me some soap? I ran out last month an…

17 hours ago

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