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Jared Janes

#ImportantThingsThatAreEasyToForget Few things calcify an opinion better than an attack on it. Or even better, an attack on its presenter.

1 day ago

fourteen straight amb

@HenryKraemer @stephenjudkins yes, but will those electeds have (/spend) the necessary political capital to get new…

1 day ago


Big companies just calcify and shift focus from "making cool games" to "making money." It sucks because I used to b…

1 day ago


Dentist done. Let's just say I'm in excruciating pain and going to be out of it for a few days. Stitches and all.…

1 day ago

Slipknot 歌詞bot

All My friends have pictures made to make you cry.  I've seen this and wondered what I've done to calcify. ―Left Behind―

1 day ago