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6 years ago


its real prideful. ambition driven and impersonal. battles between villages/towns. rooted in gangs. brothers keeper type ish

6 years ago

Blake Towns

“@khahn02: God I hate Alabama” this is why I love you with all my heart so dearly

6 years ago

Emma Grace ✌

@WhitleyRuth Don't come home ... Cause I will get you like sick #seriously

6 years ago

billy david paynter

@DearnaJohnson It's the best. Nearly at the end of paper towns. Also downloaded the Dorje EP. So good.

6 years ago


RT @BBCScotWeather: Tonight will probably be the coldest night of the season so far. Towns and cities -3C, but some rural parts could go ...

6 years ago

Newsday Towns

FEMA center opens in #Freeport. @fema

6 years ago

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