Tram tweets


Thanks for the shirt tram!

5 years ago


@Kimbasawrus I missed my tram stop by 4 this morning! 2 morethan the usual when I'm not paying attention, but I was reading "textual comics"

5 years ago


John and I on the tram

5 years ago

Joe Horrocks

A tram just asked me for money but he had skinny jeans on so I reckon he was just hipster

5 years ago

Faith Viator

@Tram_143 it'd be kinda hard to get my best friend's Christmas present with her here ;) **

5 years ago


@Sydney_Emperor Never! A guy on the tram later said he would have helped if he'd tried anything. I have no idea where it came from.

5 years ago


RT @Amir_Hali: I want to buy a tram ticket on the 12-12-12 at 12:12:12 if that's possible

5 years ago

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