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@brendan_haddock Hi, you can have a Visa Debit card linked to a business account. For more info, see  ^BR

5 years ago

Tara Ballesca †

A transaction affects 2 accounts. (Debited and Credited)

5 years ago


The FDIC limit of $250,000 on a single noninterest-bearing transaction accounts will be reinstated in 2013

5 years ago

Pete Kasperowicz

Today in Congress: Senate will take up Reid's bill to extend a federal guarantee for certain bank accounts.

5 years ago

Conor Lonergan

Call orange to register my new sim, they tell me my accounts in "transaction" and can not let me use my iphone till the 22nd ... wankers

5 years ago

Laura Hoare

@missguidedcouk for some reason I have two orders. 101256840 and 101256528 you took 7 transaction from both my accounts.

5 years ago


"What they [banks] do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers' transaction accounts.

5 years ago

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