Translator tweets

Beeza Geeza

@FlibblesHexEyes He did. (Universal Translator was on the fritz that day.)

6 years ago

Pink Panda Subs

We're really in need of another translator, more timers, an encoder and another uploader! Please do consider joining our team!

6 years ago

Moin Khan

Lol!! i am just gonna go mad at my translator right now!!! xDD

6 years ago

☪ Nikki ☯

@Ash_HFH I could be your translator! haha

6 years ago


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6 years ago


#Translation Speedy Secrets With Regard To Language Translator – The Best ...

6 years ago

黒空 ーさん☆彡

@rasanf oh so desu ka +_+ ! i think i'm translating your tweets by Alaa translator lol

6 years ago

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