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The New York Times

A marble bust was sold for $34.99 at a Goodwill store in Austin, Texas, in 2018. Turns out, it was an actual Roman…

1 week ago

Uganda Police Force

The Directorate of ICT has updated the UPF Mobi App. The UPF Mobi is up on Google play store for Android, and wit…

1 week ago

Mark D. Levine

There are two ways you can access free covid testing in NYC, regardless of insurance... * Go to a City-run test sit…

1 week ago


@Erica6479 what can you not replace out of staples? stock up on that and grow and raise the rest , store excess…

1 week ago

Domino's Pizza UK

@stoneageman1 @clareybroonx @stoneageman1 Hi Ian, the rumours are true, select stores across the UK now have Half &…

1 week ago

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