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Nick Standing

@OptimusPalm No probs bro! I'm gonna find an artical on tuning these things and go find some of my spare organ felt


9 years ago

Muhd Nur Hakim

Done With Tuning Back Bike Brakes And ReDesign The Car Decals For S14 Drift missle


9 years ago


RT @Dannymcfly: Harry at soundcheck tuning his drums!! ** http://t.co/VKLm0iS9


9 years ago

Nat Rossi

@KimberlyKWyatt Look at you! DJKimmyK ;D Will u be tuning into the #ImACelebrity final tonight? SO proud of Ashreee! xx


9 years ago

Harry Hartley

@HullCRadio Just about to say I was listening via email but you said I was lol me thinks you have another Harry tuning in lol #spooky #HCR


9 years ago

Enis Alic

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/O1ZAJuZ9 Double Bass Tuner - How To Tune A Double Bass - Standard Tuning


9 years ago

Bra Daddy

0514012030 Call into the guyz.. would really like to here your views on air! thanx for tuning in @KovsieFM97


9 years ago

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