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Shadowverse Portalに、第10弾カードパック「十禍絶傑」のカード情報を追加! リリース日の9月27日に向けて、新カード入りのデッキを準備しよう! #どばすぽ #十禍絶傑

3 hours ago

Remi Cruz ✨

me checking the grade portal after very well knowing I failed my exams

13 hours ago

Yolanda Couceiro

ARGELINO | La Policía identifica al hombre que atracó a dos ancianas en un portal en Bilbao y lanza una orden de bu…

14 hours ago

Virgin Media

@deadpanmatt Prices are subject to change with a fair notice period, as listed in the terms and conditions of your…

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