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몬스타엑스_MONSTA X

[#주헌] 시카고 몬베베 are you guys ready??

1 month ago

Ted Lieu

As we learn more about the tapes of Mr. Cohen, now is a good time to point out there are no words in the US Constit…

1 month ago

Mike Shinoda

No photo is the right photo, no words are the right words. I’ve spent the morning revisiting old memories and readi…

1 month ago

Kenje Taylor

RT @PrinceMirr: Me when I’m out having a good time and my social meter runs out

1 month ago

Jay Brown

RT @amandacarpenter: Former CIA Officer, GOP Rep. Will Hurd says in a NYT op-ed that Trump is being "manipulated" by Putin. Says Congress m…

1 month ago

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