Tweet Nearby tweets


People Who Tweet Like This Make Me Want To Jump Off A Nearby Cliff :D

8 years ago

Renae Parks

One last tweet. Reading nearby tweets right now is pure comedy. Sorry Texans.

8 years ago


RT @TheGoldenMirror: By looking in the distance we often forget to see what is nearby.

8 years ago

Jackie (Jack

@jessicaSams4 yeah it was too fun! I just saw some tweet about a nearby asteroid. just shared it on facebook

8 years ago

Noddy Holder

Just as I read a tweet from Clare Balding, a song by Mick Hucknell comes on. Lucky there's nothing nearby to punch and/or kick.

8 years ago

benny loy

@ir3n3loh I was nearby... hence I went to check... then @hwsoh tweet back say ooops...

8 years ago

-UATW™ ツ♥❌⭕❌⭕

RT @Ya_Bishhhhh: If I get one more spam tweet About Drake shooting a video nearby I'm going to SNAP!!

8 years ago

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