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Ted H

@ByronYork You're like a one man spam machine, you keep tweeting the same thing. Byron the Foxbot.

2 hours ago


Wow hits a one man tweeting machine. Check out his timeline he is giving Boulton a run for his money on stupidest t…

4 hours ago

Lucky Luciano

@HeartEyes4Brady Yup looks so innocent but can flip with the best of em... She a tweeting machine lmao you should s…

5 hours ago

Mayy Anniece

RT @booktw_cw: 6/110 ASHLEIGH: (tweeting) U- m, so when I was in class today, there was this machine thing with letters on it. Someone told…

8 hours ago

that guy

@SparkleSoup45 @VivaLaBanned @TruthFeedNews Hey! i've got a great idea! (says the @DNC #DNC) let's allow two thousa…

8 hours ago

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