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Charlie Kirk

Annual cost of illegal immigration by state: CA.. $21.8 Billion NY.. $9.5 Billion TX.. $8.9 Billion FL.. $5.5 B…

4 days ago

Virender Sehwag

Don’t know much about birds but easy to identify the husband in this picture

3 days ago

Jonathan Van Ness

I’ve discovered my new fav salty activityz, read comments, find a negative one, go to their profile, then if she’s…

4 days ago


RT @Dad_Johny: This is the first fridge picture I’ve seen that didn’t make my kidneys hurt

3 days ago

Rhianna Charchuk

RT @saroshrizvi: Canada, with a population of ~36 Million spends 1.2 Billion/year on immigration settlement. The US, with a population of ~…

3 days ago