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Daily Mail Online

Mystery triangle-shaped UFO spotted flying above Russia is the 'best evidence' for aliens ever recorded

1 week ago


'Best Evidence' of UFO Ever Recorded Above Russia: via @outerplaces #UFOology #UFOs

13 minutes ago

Lars Pellinat

@speakeezie @joncstone You have seen convincing evidence of #UFO's on earth or in our skies?

1 hour ago

HyperspaceHunter 🇳🇴

@NASA @POTUS Aren't you there already and on mars etc with your reversed engineered alien tech ufo's you have.... R…

4 hours ago

UFO Newz

Astronomers are gearing up to listen for evidence of #Aliens from a mysterious interstellar object…

4 hours ago

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*doesn't study for test* After test:

1 month ago

Paul Joseph Watson

The only clear evidence of election rigging is Hillary rigging the primary to screw over Bernie Sanders. Let that sink in.

1 month ago

Scott Dworkin

George Papadopoulos is directly tied to Putin. Evidence in an hour. This is worse than I ever could've imagined. Much worse. #TrumpRussia

1 month ago


RT @MarkYoungTruth: It must suck to hijack your party, steal a nomination, turn the DNC into money laundromat,bury any evidence against you…

1 month ago


RT @flowerpahwer: when the only time I skip class is to study for other classes #socollege

1 month ago