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Ian in Surbiton

This morning on @JimDavisOnAir #jimdavislive soda bread was mentioned. I knew Mrs Ian & son had made one. After sea…

1 hour ago

Rita Finnigan

RT @nickpopemod: The DIA told Congress that #AATIP was an intelligence assessment of far-term aviation threats, but was Congress misled? A…

3 hours ago


RT @SSDavidT: UFO seen and photographed in Poland - Brzostek, Poland - July 26, 2003 - UFO Evidence…

5 hours ago

Jon Braid 🇬🇧

@KarenForTrump Why can’t DJT launch an investigation of HRC? I suspect because it’s conspiracy theory over evidence…

6 hours ago

R( ^ω^ )R

RT @javiklein: They are everywhere, every day they are sighted, every day they appear when you least expect it, always. Because they are al…

7 hours ago

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