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Siraj Hashmi

Under Sharia Law, all fraternities and sororities will be illegal because there will be only one fraternity/sororit…

1 week ago

Tarek Fatah

This talk by one of the few intellectuals in the Muslim World, should be of interest to all Indians who are confuse…

2 weeks ago

Haedar Nashir

Tadi pagi mengisi khutbah idulfitri 1440 H di Alun-Alun Wates Kulonprogo.⁣⁣ Kepada kaum muda muslim saya berpesan…

1 week ago


RT @_SisterinDeen_: Just remind yourself of who the prophet صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ was. How he cried for THIS ummah.. how you ar…

1 week ago

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Major Surendra Poonia

Dear @ICC Why U have issue with Lt Col @msdhoni wearing Balidan Badge on gloves,our Parachute regiment’s insignia w…

1 week ago

Shefali Vaidya ஷெஃபாலி வைத்யா शेफाली वैद्य

So a Muslim car thief drove his stolen car into a Namazi crowd and the Namazi crowd went berserk and started peltin…

1 week ago

Amit Malviya

In Mathura, a Hindu shop owner was recently lynched to death by a Muslim mob. His brother tells @swati_gs that they…

1 week ago

Mary Apel

RT @obianuju: I am so sorry that I missed out on this news from my country Nigeria...This is a very uplifting story of a Muslim Imam who sa…

1 week ago


@netanyahu No discussion and relationship with Muslim countries

1 week ago