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Lin-Manuel Miranda

Gmorning. Don't get stuck in the replies. Don't you wallow in the mentions That's not where your final rep lies, It…

1 month ago

Shannon Watts

Every nation is home to gamers. To toxic masculinity. To anonymous online platforms. To unstable people. Only Ame…

1 month ago


RAVI <ADORABLE> ONLINE COVER IMAGE TITLE SONG _ ADORABLE (Feat. 양요섭 of 하이라이트) 2018. 8. 31 6PM Release #RAVI #라비…

1 month ago


ふせんがカレンダーになってるやつ、専用のノートができててマジ欲しい 先行予約しとくべかなぁ himekuri note

1 month ago