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José Andrés

I have a long way to go....but slowly my underwater photography is becoming something I can show! @NG_PristineSeas…

4 days ago


'What I love about underwater wildlife photography is being able to pull back the veil of water between the two wor…

1 week ago

valerie fahren

RT @ScientologyTV: 🌊📸 Christy Lee Rogers creates breathtakingly beautiful photographic works of #art using a novel underwater technique.…

21 minutes ago

Host Android

RICOH WG-60 Red Waterproof Camera 16MP High Resolution Images Waterproof 14m Shockproof 1.6m Underwater Mode 6-LED…

3 hours ago


I'm in love with this video, it's beautifully shot and of course I love the song. I have a passion for underwater p…

5 hours ago

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