Underwear For Women tweets

Edgardo Granel Ruiz

Thank God or the Goddess for Tattooed women with tiny underwear. Bread and cheese.


9 years ago

Sean Malloy

@ENews Must be awesome parading around infront of your kids with women's underwear on. Anyone else would have gone to prison for that


9 years ago

Tris HitTheFan

For women I don't understand. RT @caffadeus: What is the point of underwear exactly?


9 years ago

HuffPost Canada

West Coast gals wear more thongs, and other gift buying tips http://t.co/ZTzsULxA via @HuffPostBC


9 years ago

Nusrat Howard-Moore

Yes I KNOW. For MEN n back packer types 1 underwear, 1 t-shirt & 1 shorts pun dah cukup. But START thinking abt WOMEN's needs boleh?


9 years ago


I know all my xmas presents,so my mom just won't tell me what pattern underwear I've got,just so I have one suprise:| is this women for real


9 years ago

Lee Mcmenamy

@_jenniferdowner aw naw I now feel sorry for you ** aye I'm sure I'd look good prowling through women's underwear and pyjamas ****


9 years ago

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