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Teste extremo de desempenho e estabilidade para hardware de PC

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Ted Lieu

Having served on active duty as a JAG, it was clear to me that military judges & juries were fair and professional.…

1 day ago

Heather Antos

PRO TIP: No matter how nice or kind or talented or professional you are, there will be people who just don't like you.

1 day ago


Is she insinuating that the angry fans (harmless teenagers) are too young to understand how business works, while u…

1 day ago


RT @Kabelo_SM: Didn’t homeboy have a YT channel with his doppelgänger boyfriend? Wasn’t that a platform for discourse? Wasn’t homeboy featu…

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RT @Misositaworks: VTuber の本質は「共感」であることから、彼ら自体がメインになるよりコンテンツを共に楽しむ「仲間」のような存在ではあった方が良い。 2D/3D/VRという分け方自体、キッズの前では意味をなさない。 ハイブリッドにプリミティブに凡庸になら…

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