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RT @noahcyrus: supppp bbs 🖤 click the link to follow me on @spotify and unlock a special little zine with some bts photos from the #MadAtYo…

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Snozone UK

RT @letsgokids: 🔔 On the 8th day of Christmas🔔, Let's Go gave to me... 🎁 ...A Private Family Ski⛷ Lesson, thanks to Snozone Castleford! To…

14 hours ago

Let's Go Children

🔔 On the 9th day of Christmas🔔, Let's Go gave to me... 🎁 ...A Family Ticket to Cheddar Gorge & Caves! . To WIN 🔑 Li…

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1212 | Oh! Hey, Danny!

@Dbus_CO I'm tryin' to unlock us a Mewtwo, and this is how you choose to disrespect me? Tweeting me when we live a…

16 hours ago

ke nna feminist just like Beyoncé

RT @pinkykhoabane: The story of Rupert in a house full of Blacks, insulting them while they sat still with host Given Mkhari giggling & cla…

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