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Founded over 80 years ago, Dollar General is a retail giant with US$34B in revenue, with over 18,000 stores. Discov…

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Maria Inglis

About 17 per cent of that revenue will come from the US technology company's cloud data centre regions in Abu Dhabi…

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Larry Kudlow on Fox Business 9/23/22: "The new British prime minister, Liz Truss, has laid out a terrific supply-si…

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Rep. Katie Porter

Markup (noun): What a corporation charges consumers on top of production costs, to generate profit. Example: The b…

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hey thanks everyone for being so nice, im doing alright and feeling good today. had a nice panini for lunch. than…

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RT @traffictail: Here are a few marketing tips for business: Tip #1: Understand your customer Tip #2: Engage on social media Tip #3: Create…

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