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BTS’ range is so admirable. just this year, they had Black Swan, ON, Stay Gold, Your Eyes Tell — & none of them sou…

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Disney Animation

Anna and Elsa’s detailed costumes in #Frozen2 wouldn’t be possible without the Look Development team. These artists…

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My album #OriginalCopy was made with a pure heart and with artists that genuinely believed in me that’s why the mus…

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RT @yugydefs: can we stop saying “stan got7" bcos not everyone has the same taste. some want visuals, some want rappers, some want vocalist…

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May ☄ (.◜◡◝) ↺

RT @renjunache: NCT DREAM is part of the artists lineup appearing at 2020 Soribada Awards this August 13! award c…

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RT @k_nextbigsound: 📊 KPOP Artists Next Big Sound Social Metrics Weekly Tally Data collected from July 27 to August 2…

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RT @treasure_bllbrd: Most Mentioned KPOP Artists on Twitter Weekly (July 27-2) #6 @treasuremembers cr k_nextbigsound…

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