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🌈 Angela Rayner 🌈

Oh dear this hasn’t aged well, Mr Gove do you still believe that the UK would not "compromise" on or "dilute" its a…

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Shaun Bailey

George Floyd’s murder wasn’t just an assault on one man or one community, it was an insult to the crucial value tha…

1 day ago

Mia Farrow

The Story Behind Bill Barr’s Unmarked Federal Agents: Few sights from the nation’s protests have seemed more dystop…

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I Am Antifa

RT @1zzyzyx1: Native American women go missing from many towns near or on reservations, it doesn’t get nearly enough news attention. #BeThe…

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Rexii C.

RT @Jack27688344: I'd like to know what's the consequences will be... Is China going to give Chinese nationality to every Briton? Or make H…

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