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RT @SehatCaraHerbal: “Life is about choice. You can choose to be a victim or anything else you like to be.” - Celestine Chua - Selamat ...

5 years ago

Steven Swindells

RT @TedInRealLife: hate it when I'm trying to kill a spider but then I lose track of it and I become a victim in my own home.

5 years ago

Salvation By Grace

Have your child been victim of bullying? we want to talk to you

5 years ago

Jenn Gonzalez

Promoters continuing to screw people in the US in regards to Cuban concerts. NJ is the latest victim. Does this happen in Europe??

5 years ago

may nader

New victim #morsi killed him by a bullet in his brain..!

5 years ago

Mpho daLadyC Klaas

If anyone knws abt any of da 16days of activism campaigns plz tag me I am a victim I hv a lot to share...

5 years ago

Andy Lock

RT @DVATW: More victim hood hustling

5 years ago

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